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Camp Life

I am at camp right now. No, it’s not the camp you have fond (or not so fond) memories of from when you were growing up. It’s the camp that’s located in a remote area in Northern Alberta. Where the nearest town (with a booming population of about 2,000) is a 2 hour drive away on a dirt road. Where mornings consist of freshly made omelettes, safety meetings and the occasional donut. Where you need to get in a helicopter to get to your work site, which might look something like this.



And where you spend a portion of your day taking selfies that look something like this.



After a long and hard day at work (consisting mainly of watching others do work and playing with dirt), I like to retreat to my cozy room and use my countless amount of free time (otherwise spent cleaning, doing dishes and cooking) to knit. And because the wifi here is pitiful, my knitting productivity has gone way up.



I thought it might be a bit unreasonable to haul my Cowichan vest (which is now getting to be quite large, now that it’s close to finished) all the way here, so instead I chose to focus on a small but always interesting sock project. I decided to try a few different colour work techniques with these ones, wanting to both improve my fair isle technique and also use up both my balls of wool. I especially like the triangles.



One thing I’m noticing more and more with my colour work is how it affects the tension of what I’m knitting. The portions I’ve knit where I’ve used alternating colours are much thicker and less stretchy than the portions I’ve knit where I’ve only used one colour at a time (i.e. the stripes).

I’ve found an interesting tutorial on some techniques you can use to minimize the appearance of puckering (due to different tension) in your work. It gives you an excellent explanation as to why this occurs, as well as more than a few techniques to counter it.

Hopefully I finish work up here before my wool runs out!


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